“Ron Swanson”

“Ron Swanson”
February 2011
11″ x 14″
8B pencil drawing, scanned and colored digitally
Any TV I watch is seen via Hulu or Netflix. A couple months ago, Cory and I noticed that they were streaming both seasons of Parks and Rec on Netflix so we thought we might as well check it out. We became HOOKED.
I want Leslie to be my aunt and teach me all about Pawnee. I want to go have breakfast with Ron and ask him to bestow his wisdom upon me. I will never go to the Snakehole Lounge no matter how much Tom begs me. I’d enjoy “working” in an office with April. Our pessimistic views of the world would gel quite nicely. And I would let Andy and his band “Mouse Rat” play a song or two for me. I would give Jerry hugs since no one else seems to care and I would gossip with Donna and go get my nails done with her. Ann and I can be friends as long as she stops being so wishy washy and realize that she doesn’t always have to have a man in her life for things to be good. That’s right, I said it! And if you haven’t seen the show, you have no clue what I’m saying so just stop reading and go watch it now!
Above is my rendition of Mr. Ron Swanson. I really tried to focus on his love of breakfast food, hunting, and his overal residual anger in this piece. I’m trying to branch out when it comes to subject matter and am having a lot of fun. I think I’m going to draw April next. Stay tuned.
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3 Responses to “Ron Swanson”

  1. Laura says:

    This is amazing. I love that show. You definitely captured Ron! Looking forward to April’s drawing!

  2. Spenc says:

    You should 100% make a print of this, and then sell me it.🙂

  3. This is incredible!
    You are really good

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