July 2011
14″ x 17″
Acrylic Washes and Colored Pencils on Bristol
It’s musician week on Sketchery and I’ve been meaning to create a portrait of Adele so it was really the perfect excuse to finally draw her!



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Monsieur Mustache

I have always enjoyed drawing feminine, delicate things. You know, flowers, fashionable ladies, ruffles and the like. Last March, I finally decided to add more manliness to my portfolio while also experimenting with digital media. I created Monsieur Mustache. There are famous staches. There are recommended staches. There are staches that come purely from my imagination. Basically, there are lots of mustaches… but I don’t discriminate against other forms of facial hair…
Do you happen to have a fabulous fellow with fantastic facial hair for me to draw? Please send it to
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April 2011
8″ x 10″
6B pencil drawing, scanned and colored digitally
Just doodling and thought I would scan and add some color to this little lady…

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Art For Japan {Kinkaku-ji}

March 2011
12″ x 18″
Ink and Gouache on Strathmore Cold Press Watercolor Paper

Meg and Alice Hunt decided that they wanted to do something for those affected by the horrendous earthquakes and tsunamis that devastated Japan on March 11, 2011. They decided to hold an art auction, “Art for Japan.” They asked for artists to donate their work and I knew instantly that I wanted to donate. This is my piece along with a few detail shots. It depicts Kinkaku-ji, the Gold Pavillion, a Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto. I wanted to pay tribute to the calm, serene, classic beauty of Japan.
The actual auction will be starting sometime this month. All funds raised through the auction will be donated to AmeriCares and tagged for Japan relief. AmeriCares, a nonpartisan and nondenominational organization that uses 99% of its revenue on its charitable programs. Please be sure to keep checking back on the “Art for Japan” blog so you can bid on some of the gorgeous artwork that has been donated and contribute to such an important cause.
Bid on my piece here!

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“Makeover Feud”

Makeover Feud
March 2011
14″ x 14″
3B pencil drawing, scanned and colored digitally
Are you familiar with the web comic, Briar Hollow? It is a fun and touching series created by one of my dearest friends, Terry Blas. The comic focuses on Molly, a self-proclaimed gamer, comic book collector and cryptozoology enthusiast, and her journey with her friends (and frenemies) through college.
He started posting fan art and I knew that I wanted to be able to create a piece for him. See it displayed on the Briar Hollow Fan Art section here. Terry actually developed a character, Ruby, who is inspired by me. How flattered am I!!?  You can get a glance of Ruby on page one of “Tuesday” and on the poster Terry developed for Stumptown Comics Fest!
This piece I created is based on the rivalry between Ruby and Molly’s cousin/roomate Sam. You see, Sam and Ruby are both aspiring fashion designers. As fashionistas they never turn down the chance to give those who aren’t living to their full beauty potential, a makeover! I image they fight so much because they are actually a lot alike.

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March 2011
22″ x 30″
Stonehenge Paper
Ink and Gouache
I wanted to create a piece commemorating singer-songwriter Elliott Smith, who is a key musical influence to not only my boyfriend Cory but musicians all over the world. He actually first gained fame in Portland, Oregon where I have lived my whole life. Much of what I painted in the background I found in images in “Elliott Smith” by Autumn de Wilde, a book that I bought for Cory as a gift back during our first year together. I wanted everything I painted in the background to be connected to Elliott in some way: leaves that are found on a tie he wore, his tattoo of Ferdinand the Bull, his wall, etc, etc. I’m very happy with how it all came together.
Cory has suggested some songs worth listening to:

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“Floating in the Warmth of Summer’s Leaves”

“Floating in the Warmth of Summer’s Leaves”
March 2011
8″ x 8″
Are you familiar with Float On? I first heard about it a couple months back from photographer Lisa Warninger (who I have been fortunate enough to work with. You can view images from the photo shoots here and here).
I thought “floating” would be something  new and interesting for Cory and I to go do together that would also be reasonably affordable. I began my research and discovered on their website that they were offering artists two free floats in exchange for an 8″ x 8″ piece of artwork created after the experience. I contacted them and set up my floats. Once I got over my fear of not knowing what it was going to feel like being closed inside a tank full of saltwater, it was quite the experience: relaxing at times… contemplative at times… sleepy at times… It really forces you to let go of the outside world. If you decide to go try it I recommend going more than once because after the first time your inhibitions start to fade and your able to fall into much more quickly.
They are in the process of turning all the artwork into a book. I cannot wait to see what the other artists have contributed…

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